Welcome to AudioBooksEZ.com. This blog originated for the purposes to share and provide great listening audiobooks; additionally to offer reviews on positives and or negatives when listening and deciding what format to purchase your audio books.

I found it necessary to research the very simplicity of listening to audiobooks for the reasons that I will document.

Firstly, I realized that some of my purchases were not in a format that I was capable of transferring to various listening devices.

Secondly, I was shocked to experience proprietary formats that unless I purchased a particular device I would not be able to listen to when away from my computer.

Thirdly, I was amazed to find out that some audiobooks had 50 or more parts to the whole of the audio book versus others that were in one file only.

Fourthly, I thought it would be so simple to join a monthly audiobook club, only to realize I was limited to how many audiobooks I was able download; additionally some clubs limited me to format types.

Fifthly, I was in awe to realize that to obtain an unlimited number of audio books per month, I was required to pay an expensive monthly fee.

Sixthly, I researched the free (public domain) audio book websites and have much advice about this alternative.

I, certainly, learned a great deal about audiobooks, I never knew prior; such as there are many advantages and disadvantages; of which some of the advantages can become very expensive.

However, this is my About Page and a bit of introduction and forward to why I started this AudiobooksEZblog.com.

I will document my total actions and learning experiences to avail those of you who may be interested in obtaining, as many audio books as possible, like myself, that are of the best quality, if possible, for the least expensive alternatives.

You may find out as I have that at times it is necessary to choose between, qualities versus cost.

Stop back often to see my updates and latest research that provides you with information and details to assist any hunger and desire you may have for audio books.

More About AudioBooksEZ Listening

A Bit More About Public Domain Audio Books

Audiobooks from Public Domain Resources are downloadable from different PD sites such as Librivox.com or the Internet Archives.

Due to the large size requirements for some audio books, in Public Domain or other Copyright sites, I quickly found it necessary to purchase a 500-Gigabyte hard drive. It did not take long before I began to fill up my hard disc drive due to the many audiobooks easily being one Gigabyte and more.

I later decided it was much easier to transfer all my audiobooks to CD-ROM and DVD.

That too, became a project. The actual time taken to transfer my audio books from my hard disk drive to a DVD or CD-ROM was a great deal.

When transferring audiobooks to an MP 3 Player devices for portable listening, the endeavor was much easier to access an individual disc using an independent media library rather than from my jammed computer hard drive.

I searched out sites and auctions selling the CD-ROM and DVD products; however, those rates were too pricey. I did not mind paying $5 or $6 dollars and even up to $10 for DVD audio MP3 books; however, when it started adding up above $75 and $100, it was time to begin a new strategy.

It is for this reason, I now offer Public Domain audiobooks of your choice for you to purchase on CD-ROM and DVD.

I charge only for the cost of materials including shipping and handling. The actual price you pay depends upon your purchase inclusion and for the materials with media type such as CD-ROM versus DVD.

CD-ROM, (approximately 700 to 800 Megabytes), has limitations in size versus the capability for a DVD capacity of 4 Gigabytes.

The format for all audio books supplied is in MP 3 format that can be played on almost any computer CD/DVD and MP 3 player. You will have to read your CD/DVD/MP3 Player manual to verify what format you can use in your equipment.

If you have questions, please use the comments section of this blog to obtain further details.

If you plan to transfer your audiobooks to an iPod, iPhone, or other style audio book listening device, you will find it necessary to do some research.

Audiobooks are not the same as downloading or transferring music or using an iTunes subscription to your reader (listening) devices. You can find more information on types of formats and devices for your Audio Books at [Audi Books Devices].

Kindest Regards, B. Robert

p.s. I will be back with some more details soon…

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